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Summer Program in a Box: Explore the World


Off-the-Grid Virtual Tours


 Learning Languages

Backpack the World:- Explore The Best Summer Program in a Box

Kids in the 21st century are growing up faster than ever before. By age 6, children know what the internet and smartphones are and by the time they’re 10, most kids can read, write and do basic math better than the average adult from 30 years ago. With this incredible amount of knowledge at their fingertips, it makes sense to take advantage of it by exposing them to all that the world has to offer, even before they’re old enough to drive or vote!


We all know how much kids love summer, but sometimes the summer gets long and the kids are looking for something fun and a little different to do. That's why we at Backpack the World offer an exciting alternative to traditional summer camps that’s fun and educational while still giving kids plenty of free time to relax and enjoy themselves! The backpacking summer kits for kids that are included in this adventure program let them work alone or with a friend, and learn all about the planet, its geography, the continents, culture, politics, and business. 


From world atlas to maps, newsletters, maps, puzzles, virtual tours, games, and language cards; it contains everything that can help them expand their horizons. Summer Program in a Box is perfect for those who are ready for adventure- we guarantee it won't disappoint!



Kit Includes:

      Full world atlas and mapping for three countries

       Six-Page country newsletters covering business, politics, geography, culture and sports

       Hands on crafts for each of the three countries

       World recipes from each of the three countries

       Languages cards or sheets for each country

       Off-the-Grid Virtual Tours

       Currency sheets for the currencies with some monetary exchange problems

       Puzzles and games from the countries

       Letters from Nate and Zeus from their travel

       A Backpack Challenge for each country

       A backpack to store everything with iron-on country patches


Nate and Zeus

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