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Map of the world.

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Creating the Next Generation of Global Citizens.

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      those that have         traveled to Japan,              France and                        Italy!                     


Cultural Geography Subscription Kits for
Ages 8 to 15. 

A New Country is delivered each Month.....

Timely Economic, Political, Geographical and Cultural
Information for each Country.

Country specific products, crafts, recipes, language cards, currency exchange, pop culture and
traditions included in kits.

Footprint made from leaves
 Footprint made from leaves.
Backpack filled with kit items.
Scenic town in Germany

            What Our Customers are Saying!


“My children are 9 & 11 years old, and they love the kits. This is the third one we have received. They spend hours reading about the country, using the map, looking at the virtual tours, etc. On Friday’s, as a treat we make the included recipes or the crafts! I homeschool so this is a great practical supplement for both boys. Well worth the money!”  Susan T.

“Wonderful Kit! I gave a three-month subscription to my granddaughter. She keeps calling us to tell us about the country she is working on. She gives my husband and I all of these facts about the countries, now she has him researching and calling back!”  Juliana K. 

“What a great idea. My daughter and I love to travel, so I have ordered several months for us and as we get a new country, we start exploring with the thought of possibly visiting …if we haven’t been there already. The kits are very well put together.”   Anna K.

“I just received my first kit, Japan and I loved the virtual tour the snow monkeys. I started to read more about them. I also love the maps, when I read the newsletter, it helps me understand where everything is. And thank you for the candy."  Sam P.


“These kits are wonderful for my kids, We purchased one subscription and my three kids are all enjoying. It is so nice to see them curious about the world, asking questions. The other day, they were looking up the different UNESCO sites in Italy.”WOW!!   David R.

Sign of a person walking

 No. 1 Reason cited by Students for why they study abroad......

"To Experience a New Culture."

Image of globe with hand on it.

Explore the World

Country information, country-specific products and activities to

encourage curiosity, empathy and learning.

Boxes wrapped in brown paper

Monthly Mail

Each month a kit arrives in the mail, addressed to your traveler, containing a new country to explore.

Hand depressing keyboard.


Subscription includes monthly mailing and a website filled with worldwide information and activities to explore.

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