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What is included with each Kit

  • Backpack

  • World Atlas with tracking stickers

  • Country Map

  • Six Page Information Newsletter

  • Country specific Souvenir or Craft

  • Currency exchange information, samples of currency

  • Country specific recipe

  • Simple language translations

  • Communique from tour guides Nate and Zeus


The website includes mapping skills, additional craft projects, recipes and projects that you can complete on you own. 

Countries Covered in the first year of travel

          One Month Subscription  



        Three Month Subscription

Japan                                   Egypt                                          Italy

          Six Month Subscription


Japan                                    Egypt                                            Italy                                       

Germany                               Guatemala                                India


           Twelve Month Subscription

Japan                                     Egypt                                           Italy

Germany                                Guatemala                                India

Turkey                                       Russia                                         Israel


Iran                                            Argentina                                    Ethiopia



Each month the kit will cover an individual Country including information on the Country's demographics, political, economic,cultural and geographic attributes. The information will take the form of a six page newsletter, multiple activities such as crafts unique to the country, recipes, simple language translations, samples of currency, along with conversion rates, map identification all included their in monthly travel box. 

Lastly, the child will access a free App 

World Atlas
Country Map
Country Newsletter
Country Craft or Product
Information about Economy
Language Cards
Fun Recipes
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And Continuous postcards from Nate and Zeus telling you


  all about their travels and the people they are meeting!!


Creating the Next Generation of Global Citizens!

Language Cards