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The beauty of travel is to make you think outside the box…. But upside down houses?

Updated: Apr 1, 2022

When exploring a new country, city, or neighborhood, you might come across some unusual things you don’t see every day. Maybe it’s a bizarre tree, a creative mailbox, or a garden statue that makes you scratch your head—whatever it is, it’s something that stops you in your tracks. But how many times have you walked down a street and noticed a house that’s flipped upside down? That’s right, we’re talking roof to the ground situation.

Homes built upside down are…weird, and yet, the most creative minds around the world have constructed these awkward homes. There are 10 upside-down homes around the world that will make you look twice. Make sure to pack some Dramamine to combat the dizziness.

My one questions…how do you keep your cereal in your bowl in the morning?

Here are two of these houses to tour….

South Africa

Romania https://m.youtubecom/watch?v=jfH3st882xI

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