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Mazamet Suspended Walkway

"Without great mountains, we cannot reach great heights" rings very true in the case of this amazing suspended walkway. The Mazamet Suspended Walkway is a 140-metre-long suspended footbridge high above a rocky chasm just outside the small town of Mazamet in the Montagne Noire hills 50 km north of Carcassonne, France.

The construction of this bridge required unusual work in the city hosting the High Mountains. "The bridge was made mainly by helicopters and by workers whose jobs are mainly climbers," recalls Olivier Fabre, Mayor of Mazamet. “They were men suspended to a cable in the void which occasionally hung out in the elements.”

The Mazamet suspended walkway opened in September 2018 and is a great free attraction for those with a lot of energy and a good head for heights.

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