Delft Blue.....?

An unexpected surprise in the small town of Delft, Netherlands!! Did you ever hear the term Delftware of Delft Blue?

Delftware is a term now used for Dutch tin-glazed earthenware, a form of faience. Most of it is blue and white pottery and it is actually made in a factory in the small town of Delft. The earliest tin-glazed pottery in the Netherlands was made in Antwerp where the Italian potter Guido da Savino settled in 1500 and in 16th century Italian maiolica was the main influence decorative styles.

Within the factory, you can see how the pottery is made, the complete production process, including the work of the master artists. (See the first photo). Very unique pieces are shown in the factory, including highly unusual tulip holders, Gift's giving to Head's of State, tile walls and portraits and Commemoration Plates that have been issued to celebrate some of the most significant events in history.

(The plant in Delft, by the way is the last remaining Delft Blue factory from the 17th century in Defat that still hand makes Delft Blue according to centuries old tradition.)

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