Confluence of the Rhone and Arve Rivers – See the Merge

The confluence of the Rhone and Arve Rivers - a unique natural phenomenon that can be observed in Geneva, Switzerland. Arrow, where it joins the powerful streams, is a compound of two contrasting shades of mountain rivers. Water of the Rhone, which has its origin on the slopes of the Aar-Gotthard and the resulting Lake Geneva (Leman) are turquoise. For the River Arve, the source of which is in Graian Alps are more typical gray and muddy pitch; such gloomy shades caused by rapid flow, which raises the bottom of the rocks, mud and dirt.

Jonction, a town outside of Geneva is where the two rivers join each other, which creates a beautiful and unique natural phenomenon. Both rivers have different colors of water and when joining, their waters are mixing and shuffling and joining together into the one final river, Rhône. The water takes awhile to mix and never really fully mixes due to the difference in the density of the two sources.

Which on would you rather swim in?

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