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Mill Language in Haarlem

This is a classic windmill from Haarlem, Netherlands.

When my daughter and I visited Haarlem, Netherlands we took a tour of a windmill. It was fascinating. The miller that ran the windmill gave the tour. One of the many interesting things we learned is that windmill's have a language! Mill, as they call them at rest do not always have their sails in the same position. The mill was always the centre of the community and the miller was informed by his customers of local news. If there was a reason for celebration then the miller would signify this by stopping the sail just before it reached its highest position, this is called the "coming". The coming position could mean a birth, marriage or other type of event. If the vertical sail, has just passed its highest point, it was in a "going" position, which meant a death or other negative event. If the sails are in a pure vertical and horizontal position, this means the miller is resting for a short period. And if the sail in a "X" cross, so at a 45 degrees, the miller is resting for a longer period or that he is requesting outside services for the mill.

And remember.... the mill sails always turn counter-clockwise!

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