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Funny white lama standing in Machu Picchu lost city ruins in Peru with green hills and sto


Welcome to Peru!

Have you every wanted to explore Peru or are planning a trip?

You Know.....
Salt Farming Is Still Practiced The Same Way As The Incas.
*  Peru Is Home To The Nazca Lines. These massive drawings – otherwise known as geoglyphs – in the Nazca Desert are thought to have been created between 500 BC and 500 AD. They depict animals, patterns, and humans, all with varying complexity. 
With its unspoiled beaches, rugged Andes, and tropical Amazon basin, Peru is home to 28 of the world’s 32 climates.

Order the Peru Kit today, read all about Peru in our 4 color, timely six-page newsletter, visit Off-the-Grid Virtual Tours in Peru, learn parts of the language, create a God's Eye wall hanging, convert Peruvian Sols to dollars and cook a favorite recipe from our Around the World Series. Receive a letter from Nate your tour guide, giving an account of his stay in Peru. A map of Peru is included so you can track Nate's travels. A set of Peace stickers (in Spanish) and a backpack to store everything included! 

Happy Travels!

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