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About our Guides

Hi, my name is Nate and my fearless sidekick here is

Zeus , a 70 pound, golden doodle, who happens to love 

everyone he comes in contact with, no matter who you

are or what your agenda is. I grew up in Durango,

Colorado and love outdoor activities and sports, especially

biking and hiking. In addition to my parents, I have two

sisters and a brother. Growing up, we have done a lot of

traveling as a family.

Which is where I caught the travel bug, and I wanted to do

more extensive travel, so I planned to take the summer before  college off and see a little bit more of the world. Now mind you....this didn't come without a cost, I started to think about my plan in my junior year, my parents have had me working while I was in school to fund my summer adventure, so it wasn't quite as easy as I expected! Well the first part of my adventure is going to lead me to Japan, specifically I want to see Kyoto, Nara and Nagoya. I chose Japan, because I have a brown belt in karate and while I was studying for different belts, I became interested in the Japanese culture. And yes, I am going to take my fearless partner Zeus and yes we are traveling on a BUDGET!!!! Looking forward to our travels!

Nate & Zeus

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