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A Summer Program in a Box...... to spend part of the summer exploring four New Countries!!!
                                                                        Learn, explore, stay engaged and Raise your Global IQ this Summer!!

Wall Posters and Peace Stickers......We could use a little World Peace these days!!! Great for gifts.

Jigsaw Puzzles.....what a great way to learn the lay of the land.....complete a World puzzle.
                                       And don't forget all of the other benefits of doing jigsaw puzzles.

Holiday Kits......This year give the gift of travel. Give three countries, plus a list of Weird Holiday        
                                Traditions from Around the World.

Grandparent Kits...... Explore countries around the world with your grandchild with a Backpack The                                                          World Subscription. They receive monthly kits and you will receive a newsletter                                                      and postcards to share their journey. 
                                                  Order the Grandparent Kit HERE!


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