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Guatemalan Market

ORDER A SINGle Country!


Welcome to Guatemala!

Have you ever wanted to explore Guatemala or are you planning a trip?
 Did You Know....
   *Guatemala is the home of the Maya civilization. One of the    
     most advanced and sophisticated pre-Columbian
     civilizations, the Mayans built astonishing pyramid-temple,
    were versed in astronomy and had an accurate numerical  
    system, developed calendars and started a game like soccer.
   * Guatemala is also famous for its volcanoes; there are 37 in the         country. Three are active!

Order the Guatemala Kit today, read all about Guatemala in our 4 color, timely six-page newsletter, visit Off-the-Grid Virtual Tours in Guatemala, learn parts of the language, learn how to weave a frendship braclet, convert Guatemalan quetzal to dollars, juggle a hacky sack and cook a favorite recipe from our Around the World Series. Receive a letter from Nate your tour guide, giving an account of his stay in Guatemala. A map of Guatemala is included so you can track Nate and Zeus' travels. A set of Peace stickers (in Spanish) are included! 

Happy Travels!

Price per Kit                           $36.95 each                 Order Now!

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