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Welcome to Germany!

Have you ever wanted to explore Germany or are you planning a trip
        Did You Know....
      *Since 1936 Harbro, in Germany has sponsored a sweet exchange          program. The local kids collect acorns and chestnuts for weeks            and bring them to their factory to be weighed. The amount      
         of sweets they get depends on the number of acorns and
         chestnuts. The buckets nuts are than driven to parks to give to  
         wild animals to feast on.

       ​*The German Government can and will reject weird baby names.          The person's gender must be obvious.

       *On the first day of first grade in Germany, every child gets a      
         giant cone filled with toys and celebrate the    
        seriousness of life.

Order the Germany Kit today! Read all about Germany in our 4 color, timely six-page newsletter, visit Off-the-Grid Virtual Tours in Germany, learn parts of the language, convert euros to dollars, complete a craft from the country and get to cook a favorite recipe from our Around the World Series. Receive a letter from Nate your tour guide, giving an account of his stay in Germany. A  map of Germany is included so you can track Nate's travels. A set of Peace stickers (in German) is included!

Happy Travels!

Price per Kit                        $36.95 each      Order Now!!

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