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Summer Program in a Box: Explore the World


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 Learning Languages

This Summer…


  • Help to Raise Your Child’s Global IQ!

  • Have your child learn about different parts of the world and cultures.

  • Keep your kids engaged in learning during the summer.


This summer allow your child to start to explore the world with a Backpack the World, Summer Program in a Box. It’s been a long year and a half, with in some cases limited access to resources and travel opportunities. With this program, they can study four different countries, their culture, politics, geography and business. They will be able to map locations, cook recipes and do crafts from the countries, learn some of the languages, play some game and puzzles, learn how to convert currencies and watch actual Off-the-grid virtual tours. The four countries are Japan, France, Italy and Egypt. Additional global information is available on our website for the traveler to explore.

Designed by educators and designers that are passionate about travel! 

And driven by tour guides Nate and Zeus.....that get in only....a little trouble!!


Ideal for Ages 9 to 15!!!



Kit Includes:

       Full World Atlas and mapping for four countries

       Six-Page Country Newsletters covering business, politics, geography, culture and sports

       Hands on crafts for each of the four countries

       World recipes from each of the four countries

       Languages Cards or Sheets for Japanese, French, Italian and Arabic

       Off the Grid Virtual Tours

       Currency Sheets for the four currencies with some monetary exchange problems

       Some puzzles and games from the countries

       Letters from Nate and Zeus from their travel

       A Backpack Challenge for each country

       A  backpack to store everything with iron on country patches


$95.95 for all four countries

Nate and Zeus