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Creating the Next Generation of Global Citizens


Backpack the World is proud to introduce its new cultural geography-based activity kits for children aged 9 to 15 years old. Cultural geography is what helps us make sense of our world by showing the connections between people and places. Without this knowledge, our young people are not ready to face the challenges of the increasingly interconnected and competitive world in the 21st century. We continuously hear about the focus on globalization and the world economy, but as Americans we fall short. This is no fault of their own. Geography and the study of other cultures was taken out of the school curriculum around 2012.


Each kit, received on a monthly basis, explores a different country including information about the country, a product from the country and hands on activities to encouraged curiosity, empathy and with the larger goal of creating the next generation of global citizens. 


I have three children of my own, aged 27, 24 and 16. As a family we have traveled extensively throughout their childhoods. Our daughter, Maria who is co-founder of Backpack the World, is originally from Guatemala. Besides travel, my husband and I have always felt it important to keep them aware of current events throughout the world. Now when we are able to get together during holidays or special occasions it is usually someplace that we can all meet and the dinner conversation is extremely lively, sometimes exhausting.


As Mark Twain so eloquently put it in 1846, “Travel is fatal to bigotry, far-sightedness and discrimination.”


Enjoy your travels.


Nancy and Maria Dellamore

Image of Maria kayaking.


Image of woman in the mountains.


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